Make a move or move on


There are times when you have to make a move or to move on. This is when you have to make a decision in order to see if a relationship is really going to work out. There are many men out there that think if a girl likes them or not. They are frustrated and feel stuck in limbo. Instead of becoming frustrated you will have to be sure if your match is the right one for you. You can kiss her in order to see her reaction.

A lot of men think that they will blow their chances. Women know if they are potentially interested in a guy when they meet him. If you go for a kiss, you won`t probably change her mind, but you will know if she is interested in you or not.

You shouldn`t be wasting your time in order to read her mind. After making your move, you will know exactly how a girl feels. If she is not interested, you should move on. If a woman flirts with you there is a possibility that she is probably only wanting your attention. There is also a possibility that she wants to move forward. When a girl is in a bad relationship she`ll show interest in you, but when it comes to taking action, she won`t be that interested to make an intimate connection.

You shouldn`t be waiting because this will kill any opportunities. By waiting you will only make her feel bored or frustrated. She will also start thinking that you don`t like her and she will focus on somebody else. She will start feeling shameful and stupid for putting herself out there. Another thing she will probably do will be to meet someone from life or online and move on from you.

You should also know that waiting is not attractive. You will only show her that you are not that confident in yourself. A man needs to be a leader who goe4s after he wants. A lot of women desire strong men. Your lack of action will turn her off. She will be leaving you for another guy that fulfills her needs. The girl won`t be more attracted to you when you`re timid. You should be confident and trust yourself and the girl will be there for you. Just know that waiting isn`t a good idea for you and you shouldn`t let her wait.