The sad life of a pornstar


A porn star has to deal with a lot of challenges. There are many people that think porn is a form of harmless entertainment. The truth isn`t that bright. A lot of porn actors and actresses say that the porn industry has a dark reality. A lot of people still buy into the fantasy that the porn industry works really hard in order to build. The perception that a lot of people have isn`t the reality. Porn stars rarely speak about the industry because they think that they will be blackballed in the industry. Usually porn stars speak about the industry only when they leave it.

The stories aren`t that pretty. Usually porn consists of a lot of abuse. Ex-porn stars think that there were instances in which they were abused. The male performer has a natural hatred towards women. They are always known to be more brutal than they ever needed. There are scenes when brutality is needed. Some porn stars have to deal with a lot of pain during their shootings. Porn stars like to do what they make them happy. But at times they have to deal with situations that aren`t that glamorous and happy. Some of these situations can turn out to be dangerous for their health. Some porn stars agree that they won`t do a thing if they didn`t liked it. They say that in the porn industry they need to work a lot. In order to game fame in this industry there is a lot of work involved. A lot of porn stars would agree about this aspect of their life. Another part of the porn industry is that the shootings can take a long period of time. When the porn stars aren`t feeling well, but they signed a contract they usually respect the contract.

Usually porn stars can select the people with which they would like to film. The fact is that it usually doesn`t happen as they plan. There are a lot of problems that may appear during the filming of a scene. Drugs and drinking is part of a life that a porn star has to deal with. Porn stars can easily turn into a person they don`t want to be. This happens really fast for them to handle the situation. This leads only to horrible situations. Other things that porn stars have to deal with is depression and the feeling of being alone.