The television does not produce quality


I think I wrote at least 5 articles about the subject that I'll discuss today, but I feel like I did not never understand. I don't watch tv for more than 5 years, more precisely from the moment in which I discovered that the internet can provide much more information, of better quality than I can offer any television station. The internet is my source of inspiration and also entertainment, put more price on this medium because it allows me to choose what I want to digest. An example for those less read: even when I want to watch movies adults, on the internet can find the kind of movie that I like the most, on tv, but follow only what I require to watch, and the thing that I didn't appreciate her again. I want to be free and independent, to choose my own sources and genres, this me develop and help me to be different from the rest of the young people who go on the principle of "sheep", I mean all in the same direction. I've always searched for a way to differentiate, to make me more special, more good.

I never liked to put all the things in the same pot, so I'll just say that there are issues of quality, not all content on tv is bad, but most of it is a mess. Are and tv people that produce quality, but they are not appreciated at their true value and get to take refuge in the online environment, where trying to reach their target audience.

Until I realize that it's not worth it to be addicted to television, I couldn't imagine a day without watching a production of misery, to which I looked most of the times without me realize that I'm not interested in that thing and lose precious time in which you couldn't do anything else.